Upfest 2012, Bristol Gasak (AMK)

Over the road at the Tobacco Factory, I seen a guy doing a portrait of the Queen. I thought maybe he is English and he loves the Queen. As I approached him I could see the Queen was picking her nose, so I thought…..hmmmmm… Let me talk to this guy. I started to talk with him a realised that his accent was not English, he was from South Africa. He goes by the name of Gasak. He was in Europe and heard about the Upfest and thought I could not miss this chance to paint in England. I asked him about the piece he was doing, he explained thoroughly why he did this piece. I was understanding to why he had done this piece and what a better time to do it, Queens’ Diamond Jubilee. Gasak’s point was back in the early 1900’s there was a diamond discovered in a South African Mine, which at the time was the biggest in the World. Namely it was called the Great Star of Africa (Cullinan Diamond). Strangely, the South Africans handed this pride of their country to the King of England at the time. Most South Africans understood the fee they paid for it was minimal, also it was rumoured that Britain was a strong force and a few years earlier were at war with the South Africans. So, Gasak like many South Africans believe the Diamond was taken from South Africa otherwise War would have come to their country once again. The Diamond now resides in the Queen’s Crown and Sceptre. Gasak is part of a crew called AMK African Made Kulture!!


Check out Gasak at:



His piece was called Digging for Diamonds!!

Gasak painting Digging for Diamonds..

Finished painting by Gasak (AMK)

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