Streets Art / Graffiti in Barcelona 2013

Where do I begin, Barcelona, Catalunya…….

First of all we all know they have a great football/soccer team (after Juventus, obviously). But, the city is amazing, the architecture, the balance between grass, mountains, sea and sun cannot be rivalled. I would recomend travelling to Barcelona at some point in your life, if possible. The weather was ideal for cruising around in shorts and a vest. Anyway, let’s talk Graffiti/Street Art…. Barcelona has a great balance of simple Tagging, more elaborate Tagging and Art and Murals. The murals featured in this video are at the base of a block of high rise flats, it was a massive piece. However, there was no name so I cannot give credit. As with Alicante, the Spaniards know no limits, this was true here in Barcelona, too. Vans were getting tagged, rail bridges and part-constructed buildings.

Enjoy the video and images.

Memoire Industrielle S.O.

Memoire Industrielle S.O.

The Barrior Invasion

The Barrior Invasion

Kram and OwenBarcelona General Shots (14 of 131)

C215Barcelona General Shots (50 of 110)

StumBArcelona Graffiti (7 of 35)

BiolentosBArcelona Graffiti (11 of 82)

No Wall Out Of Bounds in Barcelona

BArcelona Graffiti (31 of 35)

UntitledBArcelona Graffiti (12 of 82)

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